Shaowei Xu


An entrepreneur and small business owner based in Nova Scotia, Shaowei has gained experience in international trading and logistics solutions with Shanghai-based companies the last five years. During this time, he helped built logistics solutions for screen components for Apple and their partners, JDI and Foxconn.

More recently, Shaowei has successfully sourced critical medical personal protective equipment (PPE) including surgical masks for the Nova Scotia Health Authority during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since moving to Canada in 2018, Shaowei has developed strong working relationships with local Cape Bretoners and business people in eastern Canada.

Having lived in four countries (China, Japan, Denmark, and Canada) and worked extensively in international markets, Shaowei excels at developing and maintaining relationships with customers and businesses around the world. His extensive international network allows him to solve problems and come up with innovative solutions for his clients.

Shaowei also has an in-depth understanding of international industry standards as well as importing/exporting regulations and customs clearance. He holds a Master’s in Business Administration in Community Economic Development (MBA in CED) and has additional professional training in areas such as sales and design thinking.

Shaowei is also fluent in three languages (English, Mandarin, and Japanese), which allow him to seamlessly facilitate the development and maintenance of critical business relationships across the world.